Spectral Decomposition
G&W has developed a unique approach to spectral decomposition that has proven itself to be
superior to all other available techniques. Dr. John Castagna’s  proprietary method  is based on
an instantaneous spectral attribute.
Broadband Spectral Inversion
G&W uses a leading edge broadband spectral inversion technology that produces ultra-high-resolution seismic data that
enhances mapping and further analysis. This new technique, called Basis ™, removes the deleterious effects of the seismic
wavelet that cause degraded resolution. Basis ™ can be performed without well calibration, and requires no a priori model, no
interpreted horizons, and no assumed reflectivity spectra. Basis ™ is now being offered exclusively by G&W and can be used
in a broad range of applications. For a quote on the application of Basis ™ to your exploration and production problems,
please contact G&W.