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G&W provides geosciences petroleum services through a multidisciplinary team of geoscientists that implement BHP’s Quantitative Interpretation Methodology, (Q.I.), to exploration and production for oil and gas projects.
This is a work flow that begins with the 2D / 3D field seismic data and drilled wells information as input, and after the application of the Q.I. Work flow has been completed, the output is the geological model and reservoir characterization of the reservoir including identification of drilling opportunities considering uncertainty and risk factors.
G&W clients are able of accessing and monitor their projects by using our web 2.0 base software application GW-SMS™, once a project is assigned, G&W set up all details of the project, considering: company, asset or area, portfolio, project, tasks,  administrative and cost information. Using client’s hierarchy, permits are assigned to designated users of client, with a user name and password. In this way our clients are able to follow-up and monitor status of the project from any place at any time.
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