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The systems and expertise needed to build, deploy and operate servers are complex and require substantial technical and
administrative investments. Few companies want to invest in the resources needed to establish and maintain a Web-oriented data

G&W Corporation offers comprehensive administrative services designed specifically to support an enterprise hosting environment.
Our Server and Device Administration capabilities include:

Network Administration
We manage the provisioning, deployment, testing and ongoing management of all networking devices, including routers, switches, SSL
accelerators, firewalls, routing tables and VPNs.

Hardware Administration

We closely monitor customer hardware and other devices to identify and resolve emerging issues to provide the highest possible levels
of uptime and performance.

Software Administration

We also manage the installation of your Operating System and supporting software. This includes the provisioning, testing and
deployment of security patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions. By closely monitoring log files and other indicators, we can
provide valuable insight into site performance, traffic patterns, disk space usage and other variables.

Application Administration

We offer assistance with the installation of supported applications and can provide remote administrative and application management
resources. These application services include managed backup, database administration and data migration. Ask an G&W Systems
representative about the Windows and Linux applications we support.

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