The  GW-2D Viewer  Synchronized viewer  CWT.
Multidimensional Visualization.
The right panels show an inline and a crossline
through a seismic volume. A horizon of interest has
been interpreted. The time structure of the horizon is
shown in map view in the upper left window. A time
slice through the seismic volume is shown in the lower
left window, a prestack gather is shown in the middle
window. The cursor is synchronized between all
windows communication between all windows allows
navigation through multidimensional datasets.
  • Platform independent, runs on Windows, Linux,
  • Java, xml, Seismic Unix, BHPIO, Indexed SEGY
  • Web enabled-view the data where you are, leave
    the data where it is.
  • 2D Multiple synchronized views of
    multidimensional data.
  • 2D Horizon display, picking and editing in multiple
    synchronized views.
  • Cursor, windows and attribute synchronization
    and communication...
  • Movie generation.
  • Display multidimensional layered models.
  • Arbitrary traverses.
  • Point and click navigation and zooming
  • 3D viewer able to display xlines, inlines, time
    slices, arbitrary traverses, horizons and wells.
  • 3D to synchronized 2D communication.
  • Multi layer windows, layer transparency.
  • Plug-in your proprietary functionality!
Layer Based Reservoir models
Visualization of a layer based reservoir model in map
and cross-section view. Net sand map on the left for a
particular layer.  Cross section showing acoustic
impedance variations within the model is shown on the
right.  Seismic data is overlain the inset is a fluid
probability map.
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Velocity Models
A seismic section a velocity model in the background.
Spectral Decomposition
In the larger window a seismic line is displayed with
wiggles traces. Its spectral decomposition at a single
frequency is in the background.
The right window is a frequency gather for a single trace.
The bottom window gives the frequency response for a
given time sample along the line.  All the window are
A different frequency can be displayed behind the
seismic by clicking the frequency gather, similarly,
selection of a trace on the seismic will bring up the
corresponding frequency gather.
Horizon interpretation
A photo of a cliff face is shown in the background. A
series of horizons have been interpreted to make a layer
based model.
Movie Maker
The movie viewer also serves as a quality control tool
for rapidly visualizing large amounts of data.
The left window depicts realizations of acoustic
impedance at a single location. The range of realizations
indicate the prior in the model. Posterior realizations
after constraining the model to the seismic data are
shown in the right window.
Note the reduction in uncertainty of the low impedance
layer shown in red.