G&W Geosciences Suite™ modules
  • GW-2DViewer
  • GW-3DViewer
  • GW-Basis
  • GW-SQC
  • GW-Log Viewer
  • GW-WaveEx
  • Features

  • Platform independent, runs on Windows, Linux, Unix….
  • Java, xml, Seismic Unix, G&W Indexed SEGY archi-  tecture.
  • Web enabled-view the data  where you are, leave the data  
    where it is.
  • 2D Multiple synchronized  views of multidimensional   data.
  • 2D Horizon display, picking and editing in multiple
    synchronized views.
  • Cursor, windows and attribute synchronization and
  • Movie generation.
  • Display multidimensional layered models.
  • Arbitrary traverses.
  • Point and click navigation and zooming
  • 3D viewer able to display xlines, inlines, time slices,  
    horizons and wells.
  • 3D to synchronized 2D communication.
  • 3D to synchronized 2D communication.
  • Multi layer windows, layer transparency.