3D Seismic Interpretation
Robust 3D seismic interpretation forms the basis for nearly all of the analysis that leads to the
discovery of new reserves. G&W offers the services of a group of renowned interpretation
geoscientists who have worked a wide range of basins around the world. This experienced
group of specialists can deliver interpretation solutions in the most complex geologic scenarios.
When integrated with G&W´s other capabilities in seismic analysis and petrophysical analysis,
G&W provides a high-end integrated product that can meet your extreme challenging needs.
If available, the seismic interpretation is integrated with all existing well markers for the study
Prospect Generation
Prospecting for hydrocarbons requires that each component of the hydrocarbon system be economic viable. G&W´s geoscientists
specialists have many years of experience prospecting for hydrocarbons around the world, and we offer this experience base to our
clients for developing quality prospects that will assure their success.
When integrated with G&W´s expertise and technology in direct detection of hydrocarbons and seismic attribute analysis, G&W can
deliver the highest quality prospect analysis available.
Structural Geology
Depositional Systems Analysis