Technical Services: G&W Systems, Corporation provides technical services through a
multidisciplinary team of geoscientists that implement and apply BHP’s Quantitative Interpretation
Methodology and other novel technologies to solve exploration and production problems
involving either oil and/or gas reservoirs. Application of special analysis techniques such as QI,
spectral decomposition, AVO, seismic attributes have proved their usefulness in reduction of
uncertainty and  the impact resulting from the application of such technologies may be assessed
showing that risk can be reduced considerably.  
Dr. JOHN P. CASTAGNA: Geophysicist specialized in application of Seismic Attributes, AVO and advanced seismic
analysis methods for interpretation and quality enhancement of  2D and 3D seismic data. Dr. John P. Castagna is
constantly innovating techniques to  enhance seismic quality and developing methodologies to perform multi-attribute
analysis of complex data. Since 2003 he has participate in more than 25 projects with G&W.
Dr. SHANKAR MITRA: Geologist specialized in structural geology. Dr Mitra performs regional studies followed by
detailed structural interpretation integrating 3-D seismic interpretation, structural cross sections and well data. He
solves the structural geometry problem allowing a better understanding of the compartmentalization and boundaries of
the producing reservoirs. His expertise has been successfully applied in more than 15 projects with G&W.
Dr. SATINDER CHOPRA: Experienced in the application of different seismic attributes and special seismic analysis
and processing techniques to solve specific modern industry challenges. His expertise includes seismic attributes such
as coherence and textures, seismic inversion, spectral decomposition, AVO, VSP processing and frequency
enhancement of seismic data. He has been involved in a broad spectrum of industry seismic data workflows ranging
from regular processing to interactive interpretation.
Dr SANJAY SRINIVASAN: Specialist in  uncertainty assessment of static and dynamic reservoir models applying
geo-statistical methodologies and Quantitative Interpretation. His projects involve uncertainty determination of
geologic structural models, petrophysical models, static and dynamic petrophysical model properties such as porosity
and permeability, interpreted seismic horizons, lithofacies distributions, as well as uncertainty introduced by up-scaling
Dr, ROGER SLATT: Geologist specialized in sequence stratigraphic modelling. By means of an interdisciplinary data
integration and application of novel interpretation techniques, his results provide a better understanding of the
reservoir areal distribution for detection of attractive plays, and can  be used as a predictive tools to identify the best
opportunities for targeting bypassed reserves in the area.
Dr. GARY MAVKO: Head of the Rock Physics Department of Stanford University,  he uses state-of-the-art rock
physics analysis to understand how rock facies, mineralogy, porosity, deposition, and diagenetic overprint affect the
elastic properties of the reservoir rocks, and apply up scaling, synthetic seismic modelling, and statistical methods to
determine optimum seismic attributes and workflows for extracting reservoir quality from seismic, and quantifying the
interpretation uncertainty.
Dr. NOEL TYLER: Former Director of The Bureau of Economic Geology at U.T. Specialist in the areas of reservoir
development geology, recovery optimization, sedimentology and genetic stratigraphy, including basin and facies
analysis. Projects undertaken includes countries of Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad Tobago, USA, Venezuela. Has
participated in several projects for PEMEX.