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MISSION: “Apply latest technology for exploration and production of hydrocarbons”
G&W Systems Consulting, Corp., (G&W) is a geosciences petroleum service company based in Houston, Texas.
Since 2000, G&W has assembled a world  team of recognized global experts in the fields of Geophysics, Geology, Petrophysics and Petroleum Engineering to  face the most complex exploration and production problems  in the petroleum industry.
Since 2003, G&W has developed a software package named G&W-Geoscience Suite™, which is an open platform that has at its core three visualizations modules GW-2DViewer, GW-3DViewer and GW-Log Viewer and a set of API’s to streamline the addition of modules to incorporate new technologies; in this way the suite is a dynamic tool that is updated every time when a new module is integrated with a new procedure or set of algorithms to achieve the deliverables of the project.  New modules could be seismic attributes, uncertainties, geological or petrophysical applications.
In addition, G&W assembles high-end computer hardware for any geosciences project size, to face large simulations, modeling and visualization processes, through workstations, servers or cluster and offers remote processing solutions in our Houston based data center.
Consolidating more than 300 years of accumulative expertise and experience and successfully completed more than eighty projects during ten years of services, G&W is your ideal technical partner to achieve your hydrocarbon reserves and production goals.

G&W strategically has developed partnerships with leading Universities:
University of Texas,   
University of Houston,   
University of Oklahoma  
Stanford University,

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